Most vets & manufacturers of medications for parasites recommend regular monthly use of their products. I can’t bring myself to medicate & potentially harm my dogs on the off-chance they might cross paths with these little parasites.

I prefer to do something only when they actually have a problem!

We do not worm ourselves monthly!!


In spring & summer when fleas are active I wash my babies in NEEMPET soap.

This is a natural flea killer & will not harm your dog.

I also wash & spray their bedding in spring & summer with NEEMPET ALLNATURAL PET & EQUINE SPRAY.

This is a natural, non-toxic Spray & is a deterrent against fleas, mosquitos,flies midges & ticks.


I always feel less is better when it comes to chemicals of all kinds, including the remedies’ for all types of dog parasites/worms.

I use ground papaya seeds & ground pumpkin seeds in their food as a natural dewormer & I add coconut oil to their dinner.

Papaya seeds contain anti-helminthic & anti-amoebic properties. This means that they kill off intestinal worms & other parasitic organisms in the digestive tract.

My dogs are incredibly healthy and I think will live a longer life without poisoning their bodies monthly with terrible neurological poisons that are nowknown to cause muscle tremors, ataxia & seizures in some cats & dogs.

If you have any questions regarding worming or know of any other great brands let me know in the comments below.

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